Engineering Manager and experienced Software Engineer specialized in Python with a proven track record of 17 years in the software development industry.

During the last year I’m focusing on improving my Deep Learning skills as I find it really interesting and powerful. I’ve completed the Coursera Specialization and am currently acquiring hands-on experience by working on computer vision and Kaggle projects.

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English, Spanish, Italian
Professional Skills
Relational Databases
Machine Learning
Work Experience

March 2021 - Feb 2023

Engineering Manager

- Engineering Manager of 2 teams with ~5 developers each.
- I created and put in place the on-call and incident response process.
As a result bugs were discovered and fixed, plus downtimes were reduced by 54%.
- I coordinated and drove the Lean Coffee format sessions including all engineering teams to discuss and improve our existing processes. Main impact was related to the release process, as we decreased the number of bugs released by 70%, the number of engineers involved was reduced to 4, and release started to happen within a day.
- In charge of driving and follow up post-mortem sessions. Release process and development flow were changed as outcome of these sessions.
- Part of my tasks also include design/architecture reviews, PR reviews, 1-1s, and candidates interviewing.
- Worked on developing APIs and celery tasks of the main platform, improving data sync processes performance by 20% and adding visibility to running jobs. This allowed us to add monitoring and alerting around our consumers.

Feb 2014 - Feb 2021

Senior Software Engineer

- Develop and maintain a number of Django driven SaaS applications for the OrderGroove platform. Tech stack: Python, Celery, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MariaDB and Docker, setting up Kubernetes deployments and Jenkins jobs for deployments.
- Successfully created 3 micro-services from scratch, 2 of them were functionality migrated from the main platform.
- Member of the system support team, on-call for a week every 6 weeks. - Speaker for internal Python training courses.

Jun 2005 - Dec 2019

Engineering Manager (part-time)

- Engineering Manager and Technical Lead in charge of building a number of internal web apps, APIs and services for the medical clinic, using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, React and Redux.
- Developed the Medical Records of patients manager and Doctors Appointment manager from scratch in Django allowing to deprecate older and low performant systems and processes.
- Successfully migrated all systems from local servers to cloud.

Jun 2010 - Feb 2014

Senior Software Developer

- Backend and Full-Stack developer on multiple projects for big clients such as Samsung, TGI Fridays, National Geographic, Razorfish and Delta Airlines. Tech stack: Python, Django and JavaScript, but also Java and Spring.
- Strong experience gained in agile methodologies.